Archive – Finding Aid (Descriptive Summary)

Creator: Various

Dates: ca. 1900-2010

Quantity: 154.5 (approx.) lin.ft.

Language: Belarusian, English, French, German, Italian, Latin, Polish, Russian


Collection was processed in 2016 by Ihar Labacevič.

Description of the Collection

The Francis Skaryna Belarusian Library papers consist of personal notes, correspondence, research materials pertaining to Belarusian cultural and religious life in the West as well as in Belarus. It is the most complete collection of primary source information known to be available in Great Britain.

Also included are photographs, periodical clippings, posters, and broadsides, including extensive and unique visual documentation of cultural and religious events during the most active years of the Belarusian diaspora (1940s – 1980s).

The collection is organized into the following basic categories:

  • Series 1: Archives of the Belarusian Catholic Mission, Apostolic Visitor for Belarusians outside of Belarus, and other Belarusian Catholic clergy.
  • Series 2: Materials related to history and activities of the Francis Skaryna Belarusian Library and Museum.
  • Series 3: Materials related to various activities of Belarusian émigré organizations and personalities.

Access restrictions

With few exceptions these records are available for public research.

Ownership and literary rights

The FSL collection is the physical and intellectual property of the Francis Skaryna Belarusian Library and Museum.

For further information regarding the copyright, please contact the FSL.

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The Francis Skaryna Belarusian Library and Museum Archives.

Corporate Names Index

Association of Belarusians in Great Britain

Anglo-Belarusian Society

Belarusian Democratic Republic

Belarusian Greek Catholic Church

Belarusian Autocephalous Orthodox Church

Catholic Church

Marian Fathers

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Belarusian language

Belarusian Americans





Belarusians– France–History

Belarusians–Great Britain–History

Ethnic relations

Exiles’ writings, Belarusian

Description of Series

This section briefly describes each series in the collection. A more detailed description of the contents of each series may be found in the following section.

Series 1: Archives of the Belarusian Catholic Mission, Apostolic Visitor for Belarusians outside of Belarus, and other Belarusian Catholic clergy,

  • Subseries 1: papers of Bishop C. Sipovič,
  • Subseries 2: papers of Fr. LeŭHaroška,
  • Subseries 3: papers of Fr. Jazep Hermanovič,
  • Subseries 4: papers of Fr. Alaksandar Nadson,
  • Subseries 5: papers of Fr. Robert Tamušanski,
  • Subseries 6: papers of Fr. Piotr Tatarynovič,
  • Subseries 7: papers of Belarusian Catholic clergy (U. and J. Tarasevič, F. Čarniaūski, J. Rešać, T. Padziava, et al),
  • Subseries 8: Materials related to the activities of Apostolic Visitors for Belarusians outside Belarus and the Belarusian Catholic Mission in London,
  • Subseries 9: Materials related to Belarusian ecclesiastical and secular history, notable personalities, and
  • Subseries 10: Materials related to the Eastern Catholic churches (beyond the Belarusian context).

Series 2: Materials related to the history of the Francis Skaryna Belarusian Library and Museum.

Series 3: Materials related to various activities of Belarusian émigré organizations and personalities,

  • Subseries 1: Council (ff. Rada BNR) of the Belarusian Democratic Republic in exile,
  • Subseries 2: Association of Belarusians in Great Britain,
  • Subseries 3: Belarusian organizations and personalities in Great Britain (other than the Association of Belarusians in Great Britain and the Belarusian Catholic mission),
  • Subseries 4: Belarusian organizations and personalities in Canada,
  • Subseries 5: Belarusian organizations and personalities in the USA,
  • Subseries 6: Belarusian organizations and personalities in Western Europe, and
  • Subseries 7: Belarusian organizations and personalities in South America.

Detailed Description of the Collection

(This part has been processed to the folder level but still needs rehousing upon arrival of the archival boxes – April 2016.)

Location: Fr. Alaksandar’s office

Series 1:

Subseries 1:

Correspondence of Bishop Česlaū Sipovič.

Box 1 (Old Folder’s name: C and Č  – F):

  • Folder 1: Correspondence with  F.  Čarniauski 1947-1959.
  • Folder 2: Correspondence with  F.  Čarniauski 1947-1959.
  • Folder 3: Correspondence with  J. Čarniecki.
  • Folder 4: Correspondence with  J. Čarniecki, Fr. W. Chamionak.
  • Folder 5: Catholic organisations, monasteries, lay groups, press in Great Britain and abroad, Dom Robert van Cauwelaert.
  • Folder 6: Refugee relief organisations, Caritas Great Britain, War Relief Services,
  • Folder 7: A. and M. Chambers.
  • Folder 8: Belarusian Academic and Student organisations,
  • Folder 9: J. Chachołka, Časłaū Chaniaūka, Chelchowski,  et al.
  • Folder 10: Chvalko, S. Chmara, M. Chomčyk, Cipko, A. Cytovič, J. Pazniak, U. Cvirka, Fr. A. Urusov.
  • Folder 11: Fr C. Sipovič’s correspondence with British catholic organizations and personalities.
  • Folder 12: Fr C. Sipovič’s correspondence with British catholic organizations and personalities.

Box 2 (Old folder “D”):

  • Folder 13 : Todar Dabravolski (Coventry ZBVB), Ms Dagge, Fr. George Dagher, et al.
  • Folder 14: D. Dadžans.
  • Folder 15: R. Dabrowski.
  • Folder 16: B. Daniluk, B. Dasiukiewicz,  et al.
  • Folder 17: Fr J. Dašuta.
  • Folder 18: Dr. T. Domoradski, E. Donnelly, J. Dominik,  Auberon Herbert, various correspondence with religious and political organizations and personalities in Great Britain, Germany, documents related to Belarusian life in the United Kingdom and other countries.
  • Folder 19: C. Donovan.
  • Folder 20:  Dr M. A. Doughty, M. Downie, M. Dunne, Catholic organizations in Britain, et al.
  • Folder 21: J. Vitan-Dubejkoūskaja, A. Dubko, U. Duniec, M. Durejka, Belarusians in Britain, Italy and other countries.

Box 3 (Old box E-G-H):

  • Folder 22: Daphne Evans (architectural works on Marian House), Newman International Associates,  correspondence with various Catholic dioceses  and parishes in Britain, Pax Romana, Society of St. John Chrysostom, et al.
  • Folder 23: Correspondence with Helen M. Finn, L. Fowler, Inge Friede, Marian Fathers, materials related to the Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain, Archbishop of Westminster William Godfrey.
  • Folder 24: Dr Piotr and Irena Gajdel.
  • Folder 25 : Belarusian life in Great Britain, official letters, letters of Leanid Halak, Ivan Hladki, correspondence from various DP camps, materials related to Belarusian church life in diaspora, et al.
  • Folder 26:  Sofia Grinberg, (a Russian Dominican sister), Patricia Hall, C. Sipovič’s speaking engagements.
  • Folder 27: Dr. S. Hrynkievič.
  • Folder 28: Correspondence with Fr G. Brianchaninoff, Bp. F. Bučys, Fr Herman SJ, T. Gerello, Cz. Horain, et al.
  • Folder 29: Correspondence with Muriel Hicks.
  • Folder 30: Jan Filistovič.

Box  4 (Old box “J”):

  • Folder 31: Frank Ingram.
  • Folder 32: Correspondence with the “Institut für Erforschung der Geschichte und Kultur der UdSSR” regarding Fr C. Sipovič’s articles and manuscripts.
  • Folder 33: International Refugee organization in matters of A. Katkoff and G. Brianchaninoff.
  • Folder 34: Association of Belarusians in Great Britain, V. Ivanouski, A. Jakubovich, M. Jaskievic, et al
  • Folder  35: Cyril Jump.
  • Folder 36: Henryk Juzefovič.
  • Folder 37: Polish and Lithuaninan correspondence, Marian Fathers.

Box  5 (Old box “K”):

  • Folder 38: Alexander Kabyčkin, Viktar Kabyš, J. Kalbasa, L. Karaś, J. Kalada, A. Karpovič, A. Kasciukovič,  et al.
  • Folder 39: J. Karczewski, B. Kaspierowicz.
  • Folder 40: V. Każan, V. Kiendyš, P. Koniuch, et al.
  • Folder 41: Fr. A. Katkoff, M. Kovalenka, Col. A. Kielbinski.
  • Folder 42: Various correspondence with Polish religious and national activists in Polish.
  • Folder 43: Correspondence with various Catholic and political organisations – Vita ex Pax, Foyer Unitas, British League for European Freedom, the Royal Empire Society et al.
  • Folder 44: Correspondence with various Catholic parishes, the Society of St Ambrose, Kirche in Not, and various Catholic periodicals.
  • Folder 45: Correspondence with Fr B. Kreuza.
  • Folder 46:  P. Kulak, J. Krukowski, F. Kušal, N. Arsiennieva.
  • Folder 47: B. Kuraha-Skraha, Kukelis et al.
  • Folder 48: Fr. (later Archbishop) Andrej Kryt.
  • Folder 49: Č. Kukiel.

Box  6 (Old box L-ł):

  • Folder 50: K. Dźvinski, M. Nikon, G. Leonowitsch, Association of Ukrainians in UK, Lithuanian greeting cards.
  • Folder 51: Various church organisations: Istituto Vocazioni Adulte, Vita et Pax et al.
  • Folder 52: M.Łazoūski, Fr A. Łoś MIC.
  • Folder 53: Farm Street Jesuits, various Catholic clergy, academics,
  • Folder 54: Legion of Mary, Marian Fathers,
  • Folder 55: Alaksandar Lašuk.
  • Folder 56: Alaksandar Lašuk.
  • Folder 57: Alaksandar Lašuk.
  • Folder 58: I. Łabač, A. Łabecki, M. Łaman, M. Łankiewicz, N. Łazoūski.
  • Foldder 59: N. Liberys, Lloyds Bank, various Catholic clergy and organisations.
  • Folder 60: H. Łoś, Fr Labaj OSBM.

Box 7 (Old box M):

  • Folder 61: Todar Mazura, Private Letters.
  • Folder 62: UK and Irish press, Catholic clergy, greeting cards, Catholic organisations
  • Folder 63:  F. Majeūski, R. L. Magon, L. Maggs et al.
  • Folder 64: Dr. Jazep Malecki.
  • Folder 65: Belarusian emigres, H. Marcinkiewicz, E. Mackiewicz , A. Marhoviče (Dvanaccatka) et al.
  • Folder 66: Various Polish correspondence.
  • Folder 67:  Marian Fathers, Sr. Irene Marinoff OSB, Br. Mario SFX.
  • Folder 68: Fr Constantine (Kastuś) Maskalik.
  • Folder 69: Marian Fathers.
  • Folder 70: Fr C. Sipovič’s speaking engagements.
  • Folder 71: Prince B. Śviatapołk-Mirski.
  • Folder 72: Various English and Polish letters regarding Eastern church affairs, etc.
  • Folder 73: Fr. A. Michalskyj (Ukrainian Catholic priest).
  • Folder 74: Fr. M. Mihaj (Migaj), Belarusian Orthodox church.
  • Folder 75: Constantine (Kastuś) Mierlak, Belarusians in Argentine.

Box 8 (Old box “N-O”):

  • Folder 76: Correspondence with Fr Alaksandar Nadson.
  • Folder 77: S. Narkievicz, Belarus-related Polish language poetry manuscripts, J. Najdziuk, A. Najłowicz.
  • Folder 78: Sipovič’s US speaking engagements, correspondence with the Newman association, War Relief Services, et al.
  • Folder 79: Fr A. Nowicki, Dr T. Novotny, S. O’Neal et al.
  • Folder 80: Fr F. Opieczonek MIC.
  • Folder 81: Dr Oleszkiewicz, Prof. Okinszewicz, J. Nichajonak, M. Nikan, M. Naumovič et al.

Box 9 (Old box “P-R”):

  • Folder 82: U. Ryžy-Ryski, J.Rylle, documents and letters of Rydleūski, Dr T. Rutkoūskaja, A. Rusak, U. Rudzinski, S. Rudź, et al.
  • Folder 83: Russian Centre Fordham University, Russian Refugees Relief Association, Marian Fathers.
  • Folder 84: Fr Philip de Regis SJ, D. Reece, G. Rees SDB, Rev. H. J. Richards, K. Robinson, et  al.
  • Folder 85: M. Romanowski, I. Radaškievič, B. Rahula.
  • Folder 86: V. Ramuk.
  • Folder 87: M. Ravienski, B. Brysiuk, Instytut Bliskiego i Srodkowego Wschodu “Reduta”, Fr. J.Rešać.
  • Folder 88: Mrs M. Rich, Ms Vera Rich.
  • Folder 89: Dr. Vitaut and Vera Romuk.
  • Folder 90: Dr. Vitaut and Vera Romuk.
  • Folder  91: Vaclaū Panucevič, Mikoła Pańkoū, , J. Popka,
  • Folder 92: Archpriest R. Pantaloni, Lia Parand, Col. Perkovicz, et al.
  • Folder 93: J. and E. Paźniak.
  • Folder 94: Peter and Alix Thornton-Pett, F. Phillips, et al.
  • Folder 95: Guy Picarda.
  • Folder 96: Olgierd Pietykowski, Fr  Piatkowski, Lady Phipps, Fr. G. Piantoni, et al.
  • Folder 97: J. Pituška, Fr. Alfons Padziava (Podziawo), Fr. Tamasz Padziawa.
  • Folder 98: J. Plata, P. Kozieł-Poklewska, I. Posnova, J. D.D. Porter, Harold Pyle, Fr. Poliakov, P. Pristavok (Slovak community), et al.
  • Folder  99: S. J. Paprocki (Instytut Wschodni “Reduta”), Pax Romana,  Lt. J. Piatkowski, J. Petach.
  • Folder 100:  I. Piłaszewicz, R. Pilaszek, W. Piotrowicz, S. Poloviec, et al.
  • Folder 101: V. Parrow (Brianchaninoff), Br. J. Piatkowski MIC.
  • Folder 102: Rada BNR (Council of the Belarusian People’s Republic).
  • Folder 103: Correspondence with various members of Belarusian community in exile: K. Puhačoū, N. Palaniuk, J.Piekarski, A. Paluchovič, et al.

Box 10 (Old box “S”):

  • Folder 104: (Fr.) J. Sadoūski (born Mikałaj Krot).
  • Folder 105: Letters to Fr Adam Stankievič.
  • Folder 106:  Ursuline Sisters Thurles.
  • Foder 107: J [Giovanni] Sakievičus MIC, internal correspondence of Marian Fathers, Anselmo Palamero.
  • Folder 108: A. and J. Sałewicz.
  • Folder 109: Fr. Uladzimier Sałaviej.
  • Folder 110: Fr. John Salter, M. Sanderson, B. Sanderman OSB, A. Sass, P. Scott-[Montagu], et al.
  • Folder 111: U. Siūko (Sawko).
  • Folder 112: A. Rylski-Scibor,
  • Folder  113: J. Sazanovič, V. Sankoūski, U. Siadura, J. Siaūkovič, J. Sialaūka.
  • Folder 114: M. Siemenowski, I. Sidun, Marian Fathers, M. Semenova, T. Skinner, P. Sidney, et al.
  • Folder 115: Henryk and Zygmunt Sienkiewicz.
  • Folder 116: Dr. Maćviej Smarščok (Dr. Matthew Smorstok, Mitrafan Smarščok-Repkaū, Anatol Biarozka), Fr. E. Smarščok, P. Sosunkiewicz, A. Sosna, et al.
  • Folder 117: Fr Socius SJ, Dr. Smullyyan , Southgate UNA Youth section, C.F.L. St. George, E. Stadulis, Elisabeth Smith (singer), et al.
  • Folder 118:  M. Silvanovič, M. Skabiej, A. Skarachodaū et al.
  • Folder 119: Ravi Singh, B. Pogorelski, Jane Sloan, et al.
  • Folder 120: Bishop B. Sloskans.
  • Folder 121: U. Skurko, Jan Stankievič, Gorge Stankievič, Stanislaū Stankievič.
  • Folder 122: Free course of Central-European Studies, Br Francis Stevenson, Rev. J. Stone, et al.
  • Folder 123: Janka Survilla, Šymaniec family, Barys Suravy.
  • Folder 124: Piotra Syč.

Box 11 (Old box “Š”):

  • Folder  125: A. Šaćko,  Šakun, M. Šostak, A. Šašylouskaja, V. Ščerba, Dr M. Ščors, M. Švedziuk, M. Šerepita, E. Szklanik et al.
  • Folder 126: Sciulghin, W. Szczepkowski, Passports issued by the Polish Governement in Exile, T. Szmitkowski.
  • Folder 127: D. M. Schunover, A. Silverman, S. Škutans.
  • Folder 128: V. Špakovič, A. Šukelajć, W. Schulsenitski, P. Šumski, M. Šust, P. Švied, J. Šymčyk.

Box 12 (Old box “T”):

  • Folder 129: M. Taupieka,  Archbp. V. Tamaščyk, Dr. N. Teadarovič.
  • Folder 130: Fr. G. Taylor OP, D. de Turville, John Thorn.
  • Folder  131: Fr. John (Jan) Tarasevič, Fr. (later Bishop) Uladzimer Tarasevič.
  • Folder 132: Ch. Thomas, Sound news Productions correspondence (purchase of sound equipment), Sipovič’s remarks on Jan Tokarski’s article and correspondence with him, R.L. Travers, Mons. G.A. Tomlinson, et al.
  • Folder 133:  Belarusian Institute of Arts and Sciences, Vitaut Tumaš, A. Trutsko et al.

Box 13 (Old box “U-W”)

  • Folder 134: Official correspondence from Ukrainian organisations, communications with the British government, University of London School of Slavonic and East European Studies, Mrs E. G. Urch, M. Urban, various Marian Fathers, et al.
  • Folder 135: Abbot Vittorino, Rocznik Katolicki, Fr C. J. Ward, John H.J. Westlake et al
  • Folder 136: J. G. Viches, Dr W. Wielhorski, B Warhan, et al.
  • Folder 137: Vinicki family, V. Vinahradaū, A. Werbenec, Vieramjejka, Viesiałkoūski, J. Velonda, V. Vysocki, P. Urban, J. Urbanovič, Fr. Michał Urbanovič, et al.
  • Folder 138: Fr Andrei Wetter (Pontificum Collegium Russicum), Fr. Andrei Urusov,
  • Folder 139: Fr Bede Winslow OSB, S. van Rooy, V. Williams, Fr J. Wojtkiewicz MIC, M. Woodruff, D. Damazy, et al.
  • Folder 140: G. Wowna (Voūna), I. Waronka (Varońka), K. Vierabiej, M. Varancova, M. Vajtenka.
  • Folder 141: Otto Wölkner.

Box 14 (Old box “Z”):

  • Folder 142: V. Žuk-Hryškievič,
  • Folder 143: V. Zoan, Česłaū Zacharevič, Simon Zacharonak, F. Zadworny, A. Zagorski, M. Taccardi, A. Zankovič, Latvian legation, Association of Belarusian Youth of America (ZBMA), A. Zdankovič, Fr Josaphat Žan (Ukrainian Greek Catholic Mission in London), J. Žuk, “Koło młodeży KiM”, L. Zverev, M. Ziniak, Peasant International (Whiteruthenian section), R. Žukoūskaja, A. Žuromski, M. Žylik, J. Žytko, et al.
  • Folder 144: Dr. J. Zaprudnik.
  • Folder 145: Fr. Feliks Žurnia.

Box level sorted materials:

The following materials should be further processed to the folder level and intellectually reorganized in the future. The current box labeling is only temporary.

Location: Fr Alaksandar’s office

Series 1: Archives of the Belarusian Catholic clergy and organisations

Subseries 1:

Boxes 1-4: Diaries of Bishop Sipovič.

Box 5: Documents from the Congregazione de Propaganda Fide and Archivio Segreto Vaticano, various research notes by Sipovič.

Box 6:  General and Religious history of Belarus: research notes Sipovič.

Box 7: Materials related to the publication of Archbishop Skuminovič’s Pontifical Divine liturgy book by Č. Sipovič.

Box 8: Sipovič’s articles and talks, various articles by A. Macmillin, M. Lacko et al.

Box 9: Sipovič’s articles and talks.

Box 10: Sipovič’s notes from the Istituto Orientale in Rome.

Box 11: Marian Fathers: W. Kulczycki MIC, newspaper cuttings.

Box 12: Sipovič’s research notes, newspaper cuttings.

Box 13: Sipovič’s obituaries, funeral materials.


Series 1, subseries 7

Box 14: Belarusian Greek Catholic (Byzantine Catholic) parish of Christ the Redeemer in Chicago (newspaper cuttings and other materials related to its consecration on the 2nd of July 1961), Belarusian community life in USA.


Series 1 Subseries 1: Correspondence of Bishop Česlaū Sipovič 1969-1980s.

Box 15: Letters to various ecclesiastical dignitaries A-G.

Box 16: Letters to various ecclesiastical dignitaries H-Z.

Box 17: Jazep and Evelin Paźniak correspondence.

Box 18: Sipovič letters post 1969-1980s.

Box 19: Sipovič letters post 1969-1980s.

Box 20: Sipovič letters (A-E) post 1969-1980s.

Box 21: Sipovič letters (C) post 1969-1980s.

Box 22: Sipovič letters (D-J) post 1969-1980s.

Box 23: Sipovič letters (F-L) post 1969-1980s.

Box 24: Sipovič letters (K-L) post 1969-1980s.

Box 25: Sipovič letters (M) post 1969-1980s.

Box 26: Sipovič letters (M-R) post 1969-1980s.

Box 27: Sipovič letters (R-S) post 1969-1980s.

Box 28: Sipovič letters (S-Z) post 1969-1980s.

Box 29: Sipovič letters (T-Z) post 1969-1980s.

Box 30: Fr K. Maskalik, D. Novicki, D. Anisko, Pax Romana, Run, The Canon Law Society, Marian Fathers (congregation’s history, materials related to Sipovič’s tenure as Marian Father’s Superior General).

Box 31: General Mikola Dziamidaū.

Box 32: Fr R. Tamušanski, Radio Vaticana (Belarusian Section)

Box 33: Belarusian Catholic clergy.

Box 34: Correspondence with Fr. A. Nadson, and Fr. U. Salaviej,

Box 35: C. Sipovič’s archive: Belarusian church history research,

Box 36: C. Sipovič’s family correspondence.

Box 37: Papers of Apostolic Visitors for Belarusians abroad.

Box 38: 5th convention of Belarusian Catholic priests in Rome 14-21/10/ 1977.

Box 39: 6th convention of Belarusian Catholic priests in Rome 15-12/01/1979.

Box 40: 41th Eucharistic congress.

Box 41: Fr Francis Čarniauski.


Series 1, subseries 7

Box 42: Belarusian life in Chicago.


Series 1, subseries 8

Box 43: Materials related to activities of Apostolic Visitors for Belarusians outside Belarus.

Box 44: Veśnik Biełaruskaha Katalickaha dušpastystva 1988-1989.


Series 1, subseries 9

Box 45: Marian Fathers’ monastery in Druja (Belarus).


Series 1, subseries 8

Box 46: Belarusian Catholic Mission 1983-2002.

Box 47: Marian House 2002 – [2007].


Series 2, subseries 1

Box 48: Documents related to the establishment and activities of the Francis Skaryna Belarusian Library and Museum.


Series 1, subseries 9

Box 49: Fr J. Borodzicz.

Box 50: Princess Magdalena Radziwill and Belarusian Eastern Catholic Church.

Box 51: Articles and newspaper cuttings related to history of Belarusian language, F. Skaryna research.


Series 1, subseries 8

Box 52: Belarusian Greek Catholic Church 1982-1990.


Series 1, subseries 6

Box 53: Mons. P. Tatarynovič.

Box 54: Documents and photos of Mons. P. Tatarynovič.


Series 1, subseries 1

Box 55: C. Sipovič correspondence (unsorted).

Box 56: C. Sipovič appointment as a bishop, letters of Fr V. Šutovic, Bishop F. P. Bučys.

Box 57: C. Sipovič research on religious history and language problems in Belarus.


Series 1, subseries 9

Box 58: V. and R. Hryškievičs, Fr. T. Padziava, Pax Romana (Ruń) and

Box 59:  Guy Picarda, Marian Fathers, various Belarusian priests, Belarusian diaspora correspondence.


Series 1, subseries 8

Box 60: Belarusian Mission, canonical and matrimonial documents.


Series 1, subseries 9

Box 61: Belarusian Greek Catholic Exarchate, 1940s.


Series 1, subseries 3

Box 62: Fr. J. Hermanovič’s papers.


Series 1, subseries 9

Box 63: Fr. T. Padziava’s papers.


Series 2, subseries 1

Box 64: FSL billing and book purchases.


Series 1, subseries 1

Box 65: Sipovič: Vatican II, ecclesiastical correspondence.


Series 1, subseries 9

Box 66: Materials related to the history of the Druja monastery.


Series 1, subseries 3

Box 67: Fr. J. Hermanovič papers.


Location: Periodicals room

Series 3, subseries 1

Box 1P: Rada BNR.

Box 2P: Rada BNR  (correspondence).

Box 3P: ZBK, BNR, Bielaruskija Kambatanty, L. Karas, Belarusians in Belgium et al.

Box 4P: A. Laszuk BNR papers, Belarusian postal service.


Series 3, subseries 2

Box 5P: Association of Belarusians in GB (ZBVB).

Box 6P: Association of Belarusians in GB (ZBVB).


Series 3, subseries 4

Box 7P: Belarusian Autocephalous Orthodox Church.


Series 3, subseries 4

Box 8P: Scouts,

Box 9P: Belarusian Coordinating committee UK, Belarusian Liberation Front, Belarusian Publishing fund, et al.

Box 10P: Belarusian Radiation relief, Chernobyl disaster materials.

Box 11P: Belarusian Organisations in UK: Zyćcio, ZBVB, Union of Journalists, Pax Romana.


Series 3, subseries 4

Box 12P: Belarusians in Canada.

Box 13P: Belarusians in Canada (K. Akula).


Series 3, subseries 5

Box 14P: USA:  General M. Dziamidaū, E. Protas.


Series 3, subseries 3:

Box 15P: Anglo-Belarusian Society.


Series 3, subseries 6:

Box 16P-19P: Paval Urban.


Series 3, subseries 5:

Box 20P:  Belarusians in Canada.


Series 3 subseries 6, 7, series 1, subseries 9 (to be sorted):

Box 21P: Belarusians in Argentina and Scandinavia, Archbishop Edward O’Rourke.


Series 3, subseries 6:

Box 22P: Belarusians in France.


Series 2:

Box 23P: Skaryna Library correspondence, Belarusian Dictionary Project.

Box 24P: Skaryna Library, Fr A. Nadson, miscellaneous correspondence.


Series 3, subseries 5:

Box 25P: M. Kamaroūski, Jurka Vićbič, Valoška, А. Katkovič, Chviedar Iljaševič, Mažaleūski et al.


Series 3, subseries 3:

Box 26P: A. Laszuk’s private archive.

Box 27P: A. Laszuk’s private archive.


Series 1, subseries 4

Box 28P: Fr A. Nadson miscellaneous documents.


Series 1, subseries 1:

Box 29P: Bp Sipovič at the Vatican II.

Series 3, subseries 3:

Box 30P: Ms Vera Rich.


Series 3, subseries 5:

Box 31P: Uladzimier Siadura (Hłybinny).

Box 32P: Belarusians in USA (Cleveland).


Series 3, subseries 3:

Box 33P: Letterheads of various Belarusian organizations. Database of Belarusians in Great Britain.


Location: Fr A. Nadson’s former bedroom

Series 3, subseries 3:

1N –  16N – Guy Picarda.


Series 1, subseries 4:

Green suitcase with Fr. A. Nadson’s personal documents.


Location: Church History room

Series 1, subseries 10

1R – 3R: Count G. Bennigsen papers, Eastern churches matters and Relief of Famine in Soviet Russia.

4R: Society of St John Chrysostom (UK).


Location: Microfilms room

Series 1, subseries 2

Box 1MF: Fr L. Haroška.

Box 2MF: Fr L. Haroška.


Series 1, subseries 2, Series 3, subseries 1

Box 3MF: Correspondence of Fr. L. Haroška, M. Abramcyk et al.


Series 1, subseries 2

Box 4MF-5MF: Fr L. Haroška,

Box 6MF: Correspondence of Fr L. Haroška.

Box 7MF: Fr L. Haroška (Paris period).


Series 1, subseries 7

Box 8MF: Manuscripts of Fr. Ul. Carniaūski.


Series 1, subseries 3

Box 9MF: Psalms by J. Hermanovič.


Series 1, subseries 10

Box 10MF: Ordinariates des catholiques de rite orientale in France.


Series 1, subseries 9

Box 11MF: Belarus-related historical materials from Polish archives (copies).


Series 3, subseries 2

Box 12MF: James Dingley, Prof. Uladzimier Aničenka.


Series 1, subseries 9

Box 13MF Unsorted letters and copies of various articles on Belarusian history (temp box – to be re-sorted).


Glazed bookcase: unsorted archival materials of Sakrat Janowicz (Poland)


Appendix 2


Abramčyk, M. 3MF

Akuła, K. 13P

Aniśko, Daminik O30

Aničenka, Prof. U. 12MF

Arsieńnieva, Natalla 5.46


Bennigsen, Count G. 1R,2R,3R

Brianchaninoff, Fr. George 3.28, 4.33

Brysiuk, B. 9.87

Būčys, Pranciškus Petras, Bishop, 1872-1951 3.28


Chamionak, Fr. Witalis 1.4

Chachołko, J. 1.9

Chaniaūka, Č 1.9

Chambers, A. 1.7

Chambers, M. 1.7

Chelchowski, ? 1.9

Chomčyk, M. 1.10

Chmara, S. 1.10

Chvalko, L. 1.10

Cipko, J. 1.10

Ćvirka, U. 1.10

Cytovič, A. 1.10


Čarniaūski,Fr. Francišak 1.1, 1.2, O41, 8MF

Čarniecki, Jan 1.3, 1.4


Dabravolski, Todar 2.13

Dąbrowski, R. 2.14

Dagge, Ms. 2.13

Dagher, Fr. George 2.13

Dadžans, D. 2.14

Daniluk, Barys 2.16

Dasiukiewicz, B. 2.16

Dašuta, Fr. Jazep 2.17

Dingley, James 12MF

Domoradski, Dr. T. 2.18

Dominik, Jan 2.18

Donnelly, E. 2.18

Donovan, C. 2.19

Doughty, Dr. M. A. 2.20

Downie, M. 2.20

Dubko, A. 2.21

Duniec, U. 2.21

Dunne, M. 2.20

Durejka, M. 2.21

Dźvinski, K. 6.50

Dziamidaū, Gen. Mikoła O31, 14P


Evans, Daphne 3.22


Filistovič, Jan 3.30

Finn, Helen M. 3.23

Fowler, L. 3.23

Friede, Inge 3.23


Gajdel, Irena 3.24

Gajdel, Dr. Piotr 3.24

Gerello, T. 3.28

Godfrey, Card. Archbishop William 3.23

Grinberg, Sofia 3.26


Halak, Leanid 3.25

Hall, Patricia 3.26

Haroška, Archimandrite Leo 1MF, 2MF, 3MF, 4MF, 5MF, 6MF, 7MF

Herbert, Auberon 2.18

Herman S.J., Rev. 3.28

Hermanovič, Fr. J. O62, O67, 9MF

Hicks, M. 3.29

Hladki, I. 3.25

Horain, Cz. 3.28

Hrynkievič,  Dr. S. 3.27

Hryškievič, Vincent O58

Hryškievič, Raisa O58


Iljaševič, Chviedar 25P

Ingram, F 4.31

Ivanoūski, V. 4.34


Jakubovič, A. 4.34

Janovicz, Sakrat MF

Jaskievič, M. 4.34

Jump, Cyril 4.35

Juzefovič, Henryk 4.36


Kabyčkin, Alexander 5.38

Kabyš, Viktar 5.38

Kalada, J. 5.38

Kalbasa, Janka 5.38

Kamaroūski, M. 25P

Karaś, L. 5.38, 3P

Karpovič, A. 5.38

Karczewski, J. 5.39

Kasciukovič, A. 5.38

Kaspierowicz, B. 5.39

Katkoff, Rev. A. 4.33, 5. 41

Katkovič, A. 25P

Każan, V. 5.40

Kiendyš, V. 5.40

Kielbinski, Col. A. 5.41

Koniuch, Piotra 5.40

Kovalenka, M. 5.41

Kozieł-Poklewska, P. 9.98

Kreūza, Fr. B. 5.45

Krukowski, J. 5.46

Kryt, Archbishop Andrej 5.48

Kukiel, Česłaū 5.49

Kukelis, ? 5.47

Kulczycki, Fr. W O11

Kušal, Francišak 5.46

Kuraha-Skraha, Branislaū 5.47


Labaj OSBM, Fr.? 6.60

Lacko, M. O8

Leonowitsch, G. 6.50

Liberis, N. 6.59


Łabač, I. 6.58

Łabecki, A. 6.58

Łaman, M. 6.58

Łankiewicz, M. 6.58

Łašuk, Alaksandar 6.55, 6.56, 6.57, 4P, 26P, 27P

Łazoūski, M. 6.52

Łazoūski, N. 6.58

Łos, Fr. Antoni 6.52

Łos, H. 6.60


Macmillin, Arnold O8

Maskalik, Fr. Constantine 7.68, o30

Mackiewicz, E. 7.65

Maggs, L. 7.63

Magon, R.L. 7.63

Majeūski, F. 7.63

Malecki, Dr. Jazep 7.64

Marcinkiewicz, H. 7.65

Marhovič, A. 7.65

Marinoff, Sr. Irene 7.67

Mazaleūski, ? 25P

Mazura, Todar 7.61

Michalski, Fr. A. 7.63

Mierlak, Constantine 7.75

Mihaj (Migaj), Fr. M. 7.74


Nadson, Fr. Alaksandar 8.76, O34, 24P, 28P

Najdziuk, J. 8.77

Najłowicz, A. 8.77

Narkiewicz, S. 8.77

Naūmovič, M. 8.81

Nichajonak, J. 8.81

Nikon, M. 6.50

Novotny, Dr. T. 8.79

Nowicki, Fr. A. 8.79

Novicki, D. O30


Oleszkiewicz, Dr. 8.81

Okinszewicz, Prof. 8.81

O’Neal, S. 8.79

Opieczonek, Fr. Francišak 8.80

O’Rourke, Archbishop Edward 21P


Padziava, Fr. Alfons 9.97

Padziava, Fr. Tamaš 9.97, O58, O63

Palamero, Anselmo 10.107

Palaniuk, N. 9.103

Paluchovič, A. 9.103

Pańkoū, Mikoła 9.91

Pantaloni, Archpriest R. 9.92

Panucevič, Vaclaū 9.91

Paprocki, S.J. 9.99

Parand, Lia 9.92

Parrow (Brianchaninoff), V. 9.101

Paźniak, J.  1.10, 9.93, O17

Paźniak, E. 9.93, O17

Perkovicz, Colonel 9.92

Petach, J. 9.99

Phipps, Lady Eric Clare Edmund (née Frances Ward) 9.96

Phillips, F. 9.94

Piantoni, Fr. G. 9.96

Piatkowski, Fr. 9.96

Piatkowski, Br. J. 9.101

Picarda, Guy Reginald 9.95, O59, 1N,2N,3N,4N,5N,6N,7N,8N,9N,10N,11N, 12N, 13N,14N,15N,16N

Piekarski, J. 9.103

Piłaszewicz, I. 9.100

Pilaszek, R. 9.100

Piotrowicz, W. 9.100

Pituška, J. 9.97

Plata, J. 9.98

Pogorelski, B. 10.119

Poliakov, Fr. ? 9.98

Poloviec, S. 9.100

Popka, J. 9.92

Porter, J.D.D. 9.98

Posnova, Irina 9.98

Pristavok, P. 9.98

Puhačoū, K. 9.103



Radaškievič, I. 9.85

Rahula, Barys 9.85

Ravienski, M. 9.87

Reece, G. 9.84

Reed SDB, G 9.84

de Regis SJ, Fr. Philip 9.84

Rešać OSB, Fr. J. 9.87

Richards, Rev. H.J. 9.84

Rich, Vera 9.88, 30P

Rich, M 9.88

Robinson, K. 9.84

Romanowski, M. 9.85

Romuk, Vera 9.86, 9.89, 9.90

Romuk, Dr. Vitaūt 9.89, 9.90

Rudź, S. 9.82

Rudzinski, U. 9.82

Rusak, A. 9.82

Rutkoūskaja, Dr. T. 9.82

Rydleūski, L. 9.82

Rylle, J. 9.82

Rylski-Scibor, A. 10.112


Sadoūski, Fr. J. 10.104

Sakievičus MIC, J. 10.107

Sałaviej, Fr. Uładzimer 10.109, O34

Salewicz, A. 10.108

Salewicz, J. 10.108

Salter, Fr. John 10.110

Sanderman OSB, B. 10.110

Sanderson, M. 10.110

Sankoūski, V. 10.113

Sass, A. 10.110

Sazanovič, J. 10.113

Semenova, M. 10.114

Schulsenitski, W. 110.128

Schunover, D. M. 11. 127

Sciulghin, ? 11.125

Scott-Montagu, P. 10.110

Siadura, Uładzimer 10.113, 31P

Sialauūka, J. 10.113

Siaūkovič, J. 10.113

Sidun, I. 10.114

Sidney, P. 10.114

Siemenowski, M. 10.114

Sienkiewicz, Henryk 10.115

Sienkiewicz, Zygmunt 10.115

Silvanovič, M. 10.118

Silverman, A. 11.127

Singh, Ravi 10.119

Siūko, U. 10.111

Skabiej, M. 10.118

Skinner, T. 10.114

Skarachodaū, A. 10.118

Skurko, U. 10.121

Sloan, Jane 10.119

Sloskāns, Bishop Boleslavs 10.120

Smarščok, Fr. E. 10.116

Smarščok, Dr. Maćviej (also known as Dr. Matthew Smorstok, Mitrafan Smarščok-Repkaū, Anatol Biarozka) 10.116

Smith, Elisabeth 10.117

Smullyyan, Dr. ? 10.117

Socius SJ, Fr. ? 10.117

Sosna, A. 10.116

Sosunkiewicz, P. 10.116

Stadulis, E. 10.117

Stankievič, Fr. Adam 10.105

Stankievič, George 10.121

Stankievič, Jan 10.121

Stankievič, Stanislaū 10.121

Stevenson, Br. Francis 10.122

Stone, Rev. J. 10.122

Suravy, B. 10.123

Survilla, Jan 10.123

Śviatapolłk-Mirski, Prince Basil 8.71

Syč, Piotra 10.124

Szczepkowski, W. 11.126

Szklanik, E. 11.125

Szmitkowski, T. 11.126


Šaćko,  A. 11.125

Šakun, U. 11.125

Šašylouskaja, A. 11.125

Ščerba, V. 11.125

Ščors, Dr M. 11.125

Šerepita, M. 11.125

Škutans, S. 11.127

Šostak, M. 11.125

Špakovič, V. 11.128

Šukelajć, A. 11.128

Šumski, P. 11.128

Šust, M. 11.128

Švedziuk, M. 11.125

Švied, P. 11.128

Šymaniec family 10.123

Šymčyk, J. 11.128


Tamušanski, Fr. Robert O32

Tamaščyk, Archbishop Vasil 12.129

Tarasevič, Fr. John (Jan) 12.131

Tarasevič, Bishop Uladzimer 12.131

Tatarynovič, Mons. Piotra O53, O54

Taūpieka, M. 12.129

Taylor OP, Fr. G. 12.130

Teadarovič, Dr. N. 12.129

Tokarski, Jan 12.132

Tomilson, Monsignor G.A. 12.132

Thorn, John 12.130

Travers, R.L. 12.132

Trutsko, A. 12.133

Tumaš, Dr. Vitaūt 12.133

de Turville, D. 12.130


Urban, M. 13.134

Urban, P. 16P, 17P, 18P, 19P

Urch, Mrs E. G. 13.134

Urusov, Fr. A. 1. 11


Vałoška, ? 25P

Van Cauwelaert, Dom Robert 1.5

Vicbič, J. 25P

Viches, J.G. 13.136

Vittorino, Abbot ? 13.136


Ward, Fr. C.J. 12.135

Waronka (Varońka), J. 13.140

Warhan, B. 13.136

Westlake, John H.J. 13.135

Werbenec, A. 13.137

Wielhorski, Dr. W. 13.136