A London Blogger about Skarynaŭka: How could a Belarusian library thrive in London, let alone to be the largest one outside Belarus?

An unlikely venue
– Hey, what are you writing about now? – I was asked every once in a while some time ago.
– I am doing a review of Belarusian Library in London! – I would answer with a joy of excitement; – it is in fact the largest one outside their country! And did you know Belarus has a 5000-strong community in the UK? And in Woodside Park they…
At this point people would stop trying to believe and politely pull out of the conversation and move on to the recent tabloid headlines that baffled the nation, like this one:
So yes, guys, I was not making this up, there is a Belarusian Library in London, and we are going in!

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