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As part of the Belarusian community in the United Kingdom, the Library holds the cultural heritage of Belarusians, strengthens the life of the community through access to cultural artefacts in various forms. It contributes to and promotes Belarusian Studies and encourages interest in Belarus in British society.

Francis Skaryna Belarusian Library in London was founded in 1971 and has developed the largest collection of Belarus-related publications in Western Europe. The collection includes all most important books (published in Belarus and abroad, in Belarusian, English, Russian, Polish, German, French, and some other languages) in all major areas:

  • reference books and dictionaries,
  • Belarusian literature,
  • literary history and criticism,
  • Belarusian language,
  • ethnography and folklore,
  • history of Belarus,
  • history of the Church in Belarus,
  • music and art.

Among them, there are many rare and valuable publications, inc. Francis Skaryna’s books and others published since the 17th cent. Also, the Library possesses a fairly comprehensive collection of publications appeared in the Diaspora. The book collection is constantly updated and enlarged.

The Library hosts a small museum and valuable archives to which contributed many Belarusians from around the world. The Library organised or participated in a number of conferences dedicated to issues of the Belarusian culture and history.

The Library is the only institution of its kind outside Belarus, and all its holdings are freely available to all bona fide scholars with an interest in Belarusian studies. It exists as an independent institution and is not in receipt of any grant or subsidy from public funds. Its existence has been made possible thanks to the generosity and understanding of its numerous friends and well-wishers. Support the Library and learn about its current projects.

Our Mission

As part of the Belarusian community in the United Kingdom, the Library:

  1. preserves the cultural heritage of the Belarusian people;
  2. contributes to the life of this community by providing access to cultural artefacts in a variety of forms and media;
  3. supports and promotes academic Belarusian studies;
  4. encourages interest in Belarus among the British public.

The library is the Registered Charity no. 1161434

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